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Dynamic planning and scheduling
based on real manufacturing data in realtime

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A dynamic production planning tool machinery industry.
The graphical production planning board enables you to visualize your resource utilisation and availability across the shop floor in real time.
Planning and scheduling is much more accurate and needs much less effort to maintain it.


  • Drag & drop job order planning

    The operations can be moved by the mouse. Operations of the same order are dragged along. JOBDISPO immediately recalculates the occupancy of the workstation.

  • Automated scheduling algorithms

    JOBDISPO plans the orders according to the defined priorities. Short lead times are taken into account.

  • Capapcity bottlenecks are displayed immediately, free capacity can be used for express orders

    Utilized and free capacities in the desired period are clearly displayed. On request, the totals can be calculated for departments and machine groups.

  • Multilevel planning for complex projects

    JOBDISPO can plan multi-level products such as entire machines. It takes into account the dependencies of the various components and assemblies.

  • Simulations, planning scenarios and analyses

    The planner can plan in scenarios and simulate situations.

  • Interface to any kind of MRP

    JOBDISPO imports the planning-relevant data of an order from the existing ERP. JOBDISPO can also be operated autonomously, without connection to an ERP.

  • MDC-Integration

    JOBDISPO in combination with the Quinx solution MDC 4000 shows the current state of the shop floor at the push of a button. The planner no longer has to wait for the machine operator to enter his data.

JOBDISPO production planning & scheduling

JobDispo is THE planning and scheduling software at all. The requirements of many, many customers have been implemented. And we continue optimising the software with every new customer.

The system automatically re-calculates and optimize the planning of hundreds of orders after a manual change of one single order within seconds. The consequence for each order is immediately visible and shown in a table. JobDispo fills up free capacity automatically. There is no manual work needed. You define and chose the algorithm how the system shall plan. Do you want to see it?


JobDispo is easy to use and very flexible. Therefore people love it.

Big companies like John Deere, Atomic, Danfoss and Legrand as well as smaller enterprises like  Spreitzer, 3D Schilling or Mattig Präzision use JobDispo as planning tool.


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ERP/MRP Integration

Enterprise application integration covers ERP systems as well as Manufacturing Data Acquisition solutions (MDC):

  • ABAS
  • Infor
  • Infra
  • Navision
  • ProAlpha
  • SAP/R3
  • SAP Business One
  • etc.

Customer's benefit

  • Free capacity and the actual order on the machine are visible at any time in real time.

  • An operation can be manually moved by drag & drop. The system immediately re-calculates for each machine the best planning with an algorithm which is defined by the customer. And immediately the consequence on the delivery date is visible in an order list.

  • Transparency throughout the entire value chain. Real free capacity is visible anytime as well as bottlenecks.

  • Tool shops and machine tool builder can plan from a single part up to a machine. The dependencies are shown in a gantt chart.

MDC Integration

Production planning without a feedback loop is useless. Therefore a MDC (manufacturing data collection) solution is needed. The planning person can see the progress and the status of the orders in real-time. Quinx offers a MDC system with and without direct interface to the nc controls.


Transparency at the workplace

The Quinx MDC terminal makes production data and documents visible at the workplace. The operator can see which operation comes next. He can give feedbacks and enter additional information.