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Modular, integrated software solutions for the shop-floor.

Quinx AG factory framework boosts your productivity and improves the quality of your products.
It reduces the number of 3rd party interfaces and guarantees a seamless interaction between the applications.


Customer segment

The typical Quinx customer has a discrete manufacturing, mostly with CNC machines. They come from industries like of mould making, tooling, machinery, medical and aeronautical engineering or automotive. Many of the customers are contract manufacturers. They either had to become more efficient or meet increased quality requirements.

As a medium-sized Swiss company, we have repeatedly succeeded in convincing well-known companies such as Stryker (GER), Smith & Nephew (CH), DePuy Synthes (CH), Siemens Energy (GER), Plansee (CH), Halliburton (UK) or Cadence Aerospace (US) of our innovative and practical software solutions. But also smaller companies like Suter Industries (CH) or Naldoni e Biondi (IT) work daily with Quinx solutions.

ERP solutions do not meet the requirements of production. Quinx MES modules are therefore often needed as a link between ERP and production resources.

We are in daily contact with production staff. Our customers determine the functional scope of our solutions. That's why every new customer benefits from the experience of existing Quinx customers. They receive practical and user-friendly software.

Industry 4.0 is still a dream for many, but digitalisation is already opening up new possibilities. A digitized process is much faster and more reliable than a process on paper or in the minds of employees.

Quinx collects production and quality data and makes it available in real time. This makes the data more reliable. It also accelerates the flow of information within the company and makes information accessible to several interest groups at the same time.


The Quinx DNC solution is based on the DNC-in-the-Box (DITB) principle developed by Quinx. This makes the Quinx DNC solution more reliable, simple and flexible than any other DNC system. Where others have problems, Quinx has the solution.


Customers say:

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Our offering

  • Swiss Quality

    Our solutions are based on 24-hour-operation and never have to be restarted because the system froze. Due to the high availability of solutions a smooth operation process is guaranteed. Quality means to us testing new versions before their delivery to the extent that errorless running can be guaranteed. Many clients have been using our solutions for years and appreciate their reliability and stability.

  • Short introduction phase

    The operation of our ready-made solutions is very simple; a short introduction is sufficient and enables the proper use of the applications. PC users are able to learn how to use these applications quickly, as their design is clear and detailed, enabling the comprehension of the basics at a glance. Important features can be reached with just a few clicks.

  • Return on investment within the first year

    The purchase of our solutions guarantees the return on investment within the first year: your productivity level increases significantly and the improvement of quality is noticeable through your client’s feedback as well as lower costs.

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