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Focus on basics

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"We are a Swiss company specialized in the development of software and hardware. We are aware of the importance that our products match the expectations of our clients and hold up to Swiss quality standards."

Mission statement

"Since more than 25 years Quinx develops software solutions. More than 350 happy customers worldwide are proof of the flexibility and stability of its solutions. There is probably no type of control which has not been connected by Quinx and its software in the past

The objective of our solutions is to automate time consuming tasks and to facilitate difficult processes so they can be managed with just a few mouse clicks.

Therefore, we always focus on the basics. Before designing a solution, we analyze the needs of our clients asking ourselves the following questions:

1. What tasks need to be managed?

2. Who are our clients?

3. What are the priorities of these tasks?

We also ask ourselves, whether there are already products in existence managing these tasks sufficiently, since we do not design anything what is already available on the market. "

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SAQ - Swiss Association for Quality

SC Reinach

Quinx stands for

  • Reliability

  • Safety

  • Straightforwardness

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