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DNC - reliable and fast.
More than 300 happy customers worldwide!

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Central administration of NC programs from any type of CNC machine
The smart network adapters with embedded DNC-in-the-Box (DITB) guarantees reliable data transfer to and from CNC machine. DITB is a successfully under severe conditions proven (DITB).
technology. It allows remote access of programs directly from the control key board.


  • For any type of control

    Quinx DNC works with any type of CNC controls of all ages: Siemens, Heidenhain, Mazak, Okuma, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, etc. The perfect solution for a mixed machine park.

  • Fast installation, short introduction phase

    Quinx's many years of experience guarantee a lean installation process and an efficient implementation phase.

  • A training of 2 hours is sufficient

    Clear user interface and optimized handling.

  • ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and FDA compatible

    Companies in the medical technology, automotive and aircraft industries rely on Quinx DNC.

  • Central configuration

    The software architecture is up to date. IT departments always choose the Quinx DNC!

  • Transfer via LAN and Wifi (WLAN)

    The solution works reliably both via LAN and Wifi.

  • Many useful features

    In addition to NC programs, tool setting data can also be transferred from the presetting device. A wide variety of documents such as clamping drawings, digital photos, Word, Excel or PDF documents can be assigned to the NC programs via drag & drop.

Reliable, flexible and easy to use

As back in 1992, the DNC from Quinx allowed NC files to be transmitted to the machine without a terminal at the machine. The DNC solution from Quinx is used by well-known companies such as Stryker Leibinger, Smith & Nephew, Synthes, Siemens Energy, GF, Plansee and Trumpf, as well as smaller companies such as Tschudin + Heid, Angenstein and Dero. In total there are more than 300 customers worldwide.

With the DNC solution from Quinx, older machines can be reliably connected and new machines can be uniformly integrated. There is hardly a type of control that Quinx has not already connected in many projects.

The DNC from Quinx can be optimally combined with a CAM system. An interface to an existing ERP such as SAP, Navision or Infor is easy to implement. The DNC from Quinx is flexible and modular and can easily be tailored to customer requirements. 

Where others have problems, Quinx has the solution. Contact us!

DNC is an important part of Industry 4.0 because it is critical that the right NC program is on the right machine at the right moment.

"If we did a usability evaluation, the Quinx DNC would be by far the number one."

K. Fritsch, Kaup GmbH

Since more than 25 years Quinx develops DNC-systems. More than 350 happy customers worldwide are proof of the flexibility and stability of its DNC. There is probably no type of control which has not been connected by Quinx and its DNC-software in the past.


DNC for Mazak controls

To integrate older Mazatrol controls within a DNC system has often been difficult or even impossible due to short program codes, time-sensitive behavior during input of controls from different generations, and a non-documented transfer protocol. Not for Quinx: Since the DNC-in-the-Box for Mazak switches the mode of transmission during ISO and Mazatrol transmissions, it solves the problems mentioned above. All programs may be accessed directly from the control using 11- to 40-digit program codes. The same adapter can be used for all other controls supported by Mazak.

DNC for Heidenhain Controls

Older Heidenhain controls with RS-232 interface can be connected with Quinx network adapter and a special firmware. The newer type of Heidenhain controls can be directly connected to the LAN.


DNC 5000

DNC 5000 v5 is one of a few systems which integrates machines with serial and Ethernet interfaces in its nc-file management perfectly. DNC 5000 v5 is much more than just a simple DNC software as it is able to manage not only the NC files but also all other related documents. DNC 5000 facilitates the work with the machine and reduces waste. Quinx DNC records every transaction and change and guarantees for a secure traceability allowing for ISO 9001, 13485, and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification.

DNC 4000

The DNC4000 v5 is a light and easy to install stand-alone DNC system for smaller production. Just like its bigger brother, the DNC5000 v5, it was built based on the experience with several thousands of interconnected CNC machines.

Customer's benefit

  • Process stability

  • Traceability

  • Saving of time

  • Easy handling

Why a dnc system?

Today, a DNC system does much more than just transmit NC programs. The networking of CNC machines and the transmission of NC programs is no longer an issue for new machines. A current DNC system improves process capability and simplifies daily work with NC programs.

Process stability

Automatic versioning ensures that the latest version of the NC program is actually used. With the NC program archive, previous versions can be reactivated at any time.

There is a specific control process in the DNC for new and modified programs.

The release of programs is logged in the log file and can be traced back at any time. No programs can be loaded onto a machine that have not been approved for this machine.

If an NC program is changed on the machine, the DNC automatically locks the original program.

A NC program can be locked with one click.

Also transfers from CNC machines with network connection can be logged. The user and rights management of a DNC system is much more practical than at the operating system level.

Documents relevant for manufacturing can be stored for the respective NC program. Templates stored in the DNC facilitate standardization for documentation.

The loading and saving of NC programs can be standardized for the entire operation with a DNC system. The backup of NC programs can be automated.

Time saving

Automated control function of new and modified NC programs. The comparison editor opens automatically with the versions to be compared. When closing the editor, you can decide which program to use in the future.

Automated storage of NC programs from the CAM at the right machine or machine group.Accidentally deleted NC programs can be reactivated at the push of a button.

An intelligent search function simplifies the search for NC programs considerably.

NC programs can be tagged with criteria according to which the DNC can sort them.

Quinx ftp-client for Windows

Companies in the medical and aerospace industry must be able to prove when, where (on which machine) and with the use of which program version a particular part was produced. This kind of logging is easily possible when using FTP - the base of all Quinx DNC applications. Therefore we developed an FTP Client which can be installed on various Windows-based controls.

Quinx FTP Client auf Siemens 840D

Quinx FTP Client on a Siemens 840D

Automatic saving of the NC program

NC programs are often optimized or modified on the CNC control. If the operator does not consciously save the modified program back to the server, he may reload the old program next time.

The application Edit & store on a Siemens 840 D automatically saves the NC program on the server each time the editor is closed. Due to the time stamp every change can be tracked.

RS-232 Network Adapters

NC file transfer from a nc control with a serial interface (RS-232) could still be a problem. The Quinx network adapters were developed featuring a task-oriented firmware in order to facilitate the integration of industrial periphery devices with serial interfaces (RS-232) into the network (Ethernet/LAN). The network adpater are easy to configure and can be used of any type of nc controls as well as for industrial robots.


Network adapter for DNC RS-232 to Ethernet with DITB (DNC-in-the-Box).


Network adapter for DNC RS-232 to Wifi with DITB

Netcbue Web-IO

Netcube Web-IO 84 (SCD-2) for DNC RS-232 and manufacturing data collection