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Manufacturing Data Collection, a crucial element of industry 4.0

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Transparency with manufacturing data collection
The collection of machine and production data is the basic element to increase productivity, to fasten capacity planning and to plan maintenance. The OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)
is calculated in real time and shows the productivity and the utilisation of a machine as well as the quality performance.

OEE in realtime

Runtime diagram of one machine, production progress and OEE calculation in realtime


  • machine runtime in real time

    The status of the machine is either collected by an IO module or read out from the nc control via an interface.

  • Key Performance Indicators

    Analysis and display of KPIs e.g. OEE

  • Web-based terminal

    Automatically acquired data can be supplemented manually via a PDA terminal. At the same time, the web-based frontend serves as an information display.

  • Standardized interfaces to third-party systems

    Third party systems (ERP, BI tools etc.) can both, read and play back data from and to the MDC.

  • Alarming

    Threshold values can be defined in the system. If a threshold value is reached, the MDC 4000 automatically sends a message to a defined receiver group. This can be an e-mail or an SMS.

  • Web-Frontend

    You can see the condition of the systems on every device, whether PC, tablet or mobile phone. If you like, even from home. Since the data is sensitive, it is stored on a local server in the company. Fast and reliable access to this data is important for further expansion in the context of Industry 4.0.

The purpose of MDC 4000

Today, a machine 'knows' which order it is currently processing, how quickly it is producing and what malfunctions are occurring. With the manufacturing data collection from Quinx AG, the production data is collected, processed and made available to the relevant person in real time. For this reason, an the MDC 4000 serves many other applications: Maintenance, tool management, CAQ, energy management etc.

Solid decision bases with production data directly from the production line!

For the plant manager, the manufacturing data acquisition solution MDC 4000 is an important control instrument. Wherever he is, he can see the current status of each system. For example, the OEE is continuously updated and shows the overall system effectiveness. The MDC 4000 facilitates multi-machine operation and unmanned operation. This is because, depending on the event, it automatically alerts the relevant persons by SMS or e-mail.

Various reports and analyses provide reliable and transparent information about the last weeks and months. The MDC 4000 machine monitoring system is the ideal tool for increasing productivity.

MDE 4000 Monitor

MDC 4000 Monitor

The MDC System 4000 can be combined with the JobDispo production planning software. The planner sees in real time whether the machine is running and which order is currently being processed.

The machine data acquisition software MDC 4000 is an open system. The production data is stored in a Microsoft SQL database. It can be easily integrated into an ERP system. This enables a post calculation of orders based on real machine running times.

Well-known companies already rely on the figures from the MDC 4000 today: Profiroll, Cadence Aerospace, ATI Allvac, Trumpf or ETO Magnetic.

Customer's benefit

  • Reliable, accurate data in real time

  • Reduction of downtimes, higher production line availability and better utilization

  • Optimised and focused use of staff because the machine reports via SMS or e-mail when the operator has to intervene.

  • Consistent traceability and documentation

ERP, BI-Tools, Reporting

Production data must be available to different systems. Therefore, the MDC 4000 has an interface for third party systems. Evaluations can be made in the MDC 4000, in a business intelligence tool such as QlikSense or with a reporting solution such as Crystal Reports. The allocation of the production data to the order data takes place via the interface between MDC and ERP (SAP, Navision, inERP, proAlpha, Infor etc.).

OPC UA, MTConnect, FOCAS 2 etc.

Information such as "machine running" or the number of pieces produced can still be collected most cost-effectively via an IO module. The machine is not directly conntected to the company network.

A standard interface such as OPC UA or MTConnect facilitates the direct readout of data from a controller. A wide variety of data can be recorded and evaluated:

  • Execution state
  • Controller mode
  • Machine on stand-by
  • Part count
  • Spindle RPM
  • Spindle override (%)
  • Feed rate
  • Feed rate override (%)
  • Tool number
  • Program number
  • Program comment
  • Etc.

Quinx AG can directly connect various machine controls. With simple on-site tests, we check where this is possible without the support of the machine manufacturer. Interested? Interested?

In the case of direct integration of systems into the company LAN, particular attention must be paid to IT security. Machine controls usually have no virus protection. They are generally poorly protected or not protected at all against attacks. Quinx AG supports various approaches to protecting the controllers. Contact us for further information!

Web-based MDC terminal

The employee is kept up to date via the web-based mdc terminal. Documents can be called up at the mdc terminal. It shows the next planned operation for his machine, the last stamps, the warehouse stock and much more. The mdc terminal can be very easily configured to customer specifications.